Our Story




Welcome to our small boutique located in Wilson, NC!

We are Rusty and Lisa Patterson and we are excited to share our brand with you 🥰. We believe in hard work, dedication and customer service that surpasses everyone. We have been honored in 2019 as a runner up in Wilson’s Choice for “Favorite Boutique” and in 2020, we were honored and humbled to receive the First Place award for Wilson’s Choice “Favorite Boutique”

Many people ask how we started, well this is how the story goes. Lisa has a background in sales and sold different products through mlm companies but she didn’t feel fulfilled and gave up.

When we received our tax refund in 2017, we took a portion of the money and set up an LLC and purchased our first products. 

We started out with a tiny box of jewelry. That was all Lisa wanted to do, our customers wanted more. People were constantly asking her where she got her clothing, handbags, etc and asked us to start carrying clothing. Lisa was still hesitant but caved and starting carrying T Shirts and kimonos along with the jewelry and accessories. That still wasn’t enough for our customers, they wanted stylish, affordable boutique clothing for EVERYONE! Lisa was hesitant yet again, but caved and ordered clothing in late 2017.

The Blue Fairy 💙🧚‍♀️started solely online, selling through Facebook, small shops and vendor shows. Vendor shows are super fun and we have met so many wonderful people through them that we now call friends. It’s all fun and games until it takes multiple hours for set up and breakdown (while you’re still working full time). A customer AKA Fairy Doll (that is what we call all of our customers and employees) told Lisa at a vendor show that her setup looked like a store and that she needed to open a shop.  

Next up, we had to start looking immediately for a brick and mortar location and we found one in a DAY! It was perfect, Lisa taught Zumba at this location a couple of times  and always said if she owned a business that she would want to move here. In December of 2018, we signed our lease, rezoned the property and opened on December 22, 2018 and have grown tremendously over the past years thanks to all of our Fairy Dolls 💕

Now we are embarking on the next chapter of our story.  We are leaving our initial location and going to a new location.  More in town and with more space to show off all our sparklies to everyone who comes in the door.  Life is an adventure and this has certainly lived up to that ideal.  We can't wait to go forward and see what the future holds for us and of course for all of our fairy dolls!!!

Thanks for participating in our little journey!!